Sunday, April 30, 2017

Final Studio Project explanation

For my studio project, I applied similarities and differences of my studied artist, Sol LeWitt's artistic techniques. Because LeWitt often wrote a set of "rules" to go with his artwork, I did the same. I set a "rule" for myself while making the project. The rule was to draw 50 lines for each piece of art. They could be any size, color, or texture, but they had to formulate a pattern.
Within the rule, I am following LeWitt's use of lines and pattern. I am also following his idea of using written rules in artwork. I am focusing on the idea, rather than the art itself, with the knowledge that once my idea is applied, it is no longer my original idea.
Though I am influenced by his use of pattern, line, and rules, I am doing the opposite of how LeWitt would have applied the piece. First, I, the artist, am the one physically making the art piece. I am following my own rules. LeWitt would have never done so, and would have given the rules to other artists to apply. Second, LeWitt often left his patterned wall pieces without color, or with directions on how to use color. Here, I am allowing myself to use whatever colors of sizes I want. This is going against the minimalist trends in LeWitt's artwork. Furthermore, I used paper and paint to complete my piece. LeWitt often used walls or wood as material in order to make a structure or piece.
Once I finished my project, I realized how difficult it was to follow one's own set of rules. I often wanted to break them, or go back and change the rule. In result, the idea behind my art work was automatically changed the second I began to physically apply it. By struggling with the rule, I gained more respect for LeWitt's idea of using others to preform his artistic idea. I believe he did so because it kept the original idea more in tact, rather than wanting to go back and change it.
In conclusion, I completed my final project by both following and contradicting Sol LeWitt's trends and rules found in his pieces. By doing so, I believe that I gained more knowledge and respect for the artist, and the meaning behind his artistic trend.

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